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Java EE 6: More power with less code using NetBeans and GlassFish
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The Java EE 6 platform allows you to write enterprise Java applications using much lesser code from its earlier versions. It breaks the “one size fits all” approach with Profiles and improves on the Java EE 5 developer productivity features. Several specifications like CDI, JSF 2, JAX-RS, JPA 2, and Servlets 3 make the platform more powerful. It also enables extensibility by embracing open source libraries and frameworks such that they are treated as first class citizens of the platform. NetBeans, Eclipse, and IntelliJ provide extensive tooling for Java EE 6. This session explain the Java EE 6 key concepts and specifications and use several live coding sessions.

The attendees will also have an opportunity to practice all the coding sessions on their laptops in a hands-on session.

Make sure to download NetBeans 7.0 Java EE version from: NetBeans 7.0

Start: 6/9/11 06:30 PM
End: 6/9/11 09:30 PM
Contact: John Yeary